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  1. subscribers receive a sweep and stove service once per year.

  2. Subscribers will start to be offered appointments after 6 months of their last subscription payment and earlier sweeps can be arranged for our fixed sweep fee. Where a promotional offer is used, the offer will become chargeable if you cancel within 6 months.

  3. Heavy chimney users can opt for more sweeps per year and pay for these via our fixed sweep fee.

  4. Cancellation is possible at any time but no refunds are available for any subscriptions paid.

  5. In the rare circumstance that a bird’s nest is discovered in your Chimney, we can only provide a stove service and a second appointment will be required for later in the year and is subject to our fixed sweep fee.

  6. If your Chimney is found to be dangerously clogged with creosote, a more extensive “chain sweep” is required. Creosote is very dangerous and this is not covered by your subscription so we will need to arrange a specific appointment for a “Chain sweep” which is charged at our chain sweep fixed fee.

  7. You will be offered appointments for your sweep and stove service online at a time convenient to you. If you have to rebook your slot then this is free of charge up to 7 days prior to your appointment. Within 7 days any change will require a rebooking fee added to your account. 

  8. Your stove service involves a thorough safety check of your appliance. If any faults are detected such as broken firebricks, warped baffles or problems with the rope seal then you will be advised to stop using your stove until the problem is rectified. will advise you on the next steps.

  9. Any stove issues requiring repair work is not covered by your subscription and will be charged but an estimate of the work will be provided.

  10. Once you have received service, you will receive a sweep certificate. We keep a copy of all sweep certificates so we can reproduce these for you at any time.

  11. A sweep certificate is not a guarantee of the safety of your chimney as a camera inspection has not been made. If you require a full camera inspection of your chimney, we are able to offer this for the fixed “Chimney Camera Inspection” fee.

  12. Your Chimney may have aging, damaged or unusual components (liners, chimney pots, bricks, cowls etc). Unless you have booked a separate camera inspection and detailed survey, we are not liable for any damages or issues of any kind related to our services which you consider have affected your property.

  13. Non-payment for subscription will be treated as a cancellation of service.

  14. No responsibility can be accepted for chimney problems that occurred during sweeping

  15. Due to sickness or other issues, we reserve the right to cancel appointments at late notice.Under these rare circumstances we will contact you with alternative options.

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